Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You and Tonight v1 is released!

Volume 1 of You and Tonight by Keiko Kinoshita is finally out on eManga, Kindle, and Nook! This series is still being serialized in HertZ magazine, and hopefully DMG will get the license for volume 2 soon!

Rikuro has been in love with his best friend, Yasutaka, for ten long years. Convinced that he never had a chance, he hid his feelings and moved to Tokyo, dreading the day that Yasutaka will get married and start a family. All that changes at a party one night when Yasutaka admits that he gave in to a desperate co-worker and slept with him. With a renewed sense of determination, Rikuro decides it's time to finally make his move, but his gamble may mean losing his best friend!


Congrats! You guys did a great job, again!

The only thing that is killing me is that this is apparently still ongoing in Japan, but I already found two volumes of this series. Do you guys know how long it is? I hope DMP at least secured the license for the second volume; they sometimes seem to have the bad habit of only licensing parts of a series.

Can't wait to read your next title.

Congrats on the title release! :) I read it on my Kindle last night. Such a good story!! Hope your team gets to produce vol.2 as well. :)

@azurelucy - Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the second volume came out a month or two ago, and the latest issue of HertZ has a chapter of You and Tonight so it is still being serialized. I'll ask around if anyone has a subscription and has a feel for whether or not the story is coming to a close, but my guess is that it won't be longer than 3-4 volumes.

Also, I think I saw DMI just got the license for Flutter, which came out in October in Japan, so with luck we might have news about You and Tonight v2 sometime in March.

@BLBB - Thanks, lady! I'm hoping we can do v2 too :P Can't wait for Want to Depend on You!

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