Monday, January 16, 2012

Amazon Sales Ranks January 1-15

More colored spaghetti! A few notes:

  • Each dot represents a daily average for that book.
  • Dots with short line segments or no line at all pop into the top 100 for a day or two and then disappear again. Books with long lines of connected dots stay in the top 100 consistently. 
  • Like before, the Manga Rank is Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Comics & Graphic Novels > Manga. It goes up to 100 and is recalculated hourly (by some unknown algorithm).
  • The Kindle Rank includes all paid books in the Kindle Store.

  • You can see a new title appeared on January 5 in dark purple, and it quickly moved to the top of the rankings. This title had the luxury of being released with only one other book (which isn't included because its link was throwing an error in my script). I'm interested in the next big batch of DMG books and seeing how titles are ranked when several are released at once (as happened around mid-December). Do titles get lost when there are several released at the same time?

  • So far, 24 DMG titles have been published. Around 10 titles are consistently staying in the top 1-80 rankings at any given time, and there doesn't seem to be a pattern. Another 10 books fluctuate in and out of the 80-100 range. Is this competition between the books for a limited audience? Or are only half the books garnering word-of-mouth interest?

  • Since November, there have been many more Kindle manga books released by other publishing companies like Yaoi Press and Seven Seas. They are regularly less expensive than DMG titles, and Yaoi Press tried something interesting where they published chapters of a book independently. While the total book wound up being more expensive than a DMG title, the first chapter was $1.50 and probably tempted many people to give it a try. What do people think of DMG pricing so far? Too high? Just right?
Ranks aside, I think in the long run we're just going to have to wait until the sales figures come out in a month or two.


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