Completed Titles

Angel Heart by Udou SHINOHARA (Tenshi no Shinzou) - Josei
Peace Pet Rental's Lag is a robotic dog. He can be pretty slow at times and can't perform tasks aside from those written in his program, but despite all this, he's everyone's favorite dog. Soon, however, he is tackling people's problems in ways not included in his program, and it seems almost miraculous... Something mysterious has awakened within his heart even though he's supposed to be a machine with no emotions. What is Lag's true nature?
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The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe  by Puku OKUYAMA (Senobi no Housoku) - Yaoi
A new student enrolls in Kosuke’s sophomore class in high school. As a perfect foil to Kosuke’s short stature, Raku is tall, manly and popular with girls. Although Kosuke initially feels jealous, he soon learns of Raku’s secret and is asked to keep it a secret. Raku finds himself taking an interest in Kosuke and they begin to grow closer. This is a high school romantic comedy about an odd couple!
Available on eManga, Kindle, and Nook!
Rated YA 16+

Rainy Day Love by Satomi KONNO (Ameiro Koi Gokoro) - Yaoi
One rainy day, Yuta Yoshizawa is working at his family’s senbei shop when a member of his old high school club, Shizuno, appears. Even though they are merely acquaintances, Shizuno begins visiting the shop every few days, which rekindles Yuta’s secret interest that has been smoldering since high school. The sweetest, sexiest, and most heartwarming story is here! We also present to you a love story that spans 20 years between Shoichi, Yuta’s dependable older brother, and his wild childhood friend, Seigo.
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Rated M 18+

You and Tonight by Keiko KINOSHITA (Koyoi Omae to) - Yaoi
Rikuro has been in love with his best friend, Yasutaka, for ten long years. Convinced that he never had a chance, he hid his feelings and moved to Tokyo, dreading the day that Yasutaka will get married and start a family. All that changes at a party one night when Yasutaka admits that he gave in to a desperate co-worker and slept with him. With a renewed sense of determination, Rikuro decides it's time to finally make his move, but his gamble may mean losing his best friend!
Volume 1 is available on eManga, Kindle, and Nook!
Rated YA 16+

Backlight  by Makoto TATENO (Gyakkousen) - Shoujo
With his parents constantly fighting and his future uncertain, Suguru spends his high school days in discontent. He envies the carefree lifestyle of his friend Tomohiro, who lives alone and untethered, but even Tomohiro has his dark secrets. One summer night, the hidden passions and desperate desires of three teenagers threaten to change their worlds… permanently. This elusive collection contains four stories by the acclaimed Makoto Tateno, author and artist of the popular series Yellow and Blue Sheep Reverie!
Available on DriveThru, eManga, Kindle, and Nook!
Rated Teen 13+