Monday, February 13, 2012

Pick of the Week - You and Tonight

Melinda over at Manga Bookshelf has her eye on Keiko Kinoshita's You and Tonight v1, having read and enjoyed other titles by Kinoshita (like Kiss Blue).

MELINDA: I’m going to go off-list and into the digital only realm this week, to recommend volume one of Keiko Kinoshita’s You and Tonight, due out soon at eManga from the Digital Manga Guild. I was a big fan of Kiss Blue, a two-volume series from the same creator that was released on DMP’s Juné imprint, and I’m actually working on editing another of her short series for my reporter’s stint at the DMG. I’m consistently impressed by Kinoshita’s subtle humor and delicate touch (she’s even won me over to the dreaded BL Anthology), so when I saw that another group was working on You and Tonight, it immediately jumped to the top of my list of must-buy BL. I’ve always been a fan of the best-friends-turned-lovers trope, and given that this was also the premise for Kiss Blue, I’m gathering that it’s a favorite of Kinoshita’s as well. The first volume is already available for the Nook and Kindle, so I expect it’ll go live on eManga in just a day or two. Now the question is, will I be able to hold off until it appears for sale on the iPad? Only time will tell. [Read the rest of this week's picks here.]

Also keep your eye out for Want to Depend on You (localized by BLBangBang) and the Yuri-sensei books (localized by Purple Prose Killers) if you want more from Kinoshita sensei!


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