Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainy Day Love - BL Bookrack Review

To be fair, I'm going to post the bad reviews along with the good, and here's one by Michelle Smith at Manga Bookshelf, who was disappointed by Rainy Day Love. Michelle likes more serious BL and was hoping that the title alluded to a melancholy story, but in reality, Rainy Day Love is a fluffy, fast-paced romp with little drama or angst.

I won't lie, there is no subtlety when it's sexy time. Here is an excerpt straight from the script:

Shizuno:        I want to...
Shizuno:        ...Have sex with you now.
FX:        [SUBTITLE] Bam

Yuta:        Eep!
FX:        [behind the boy] Roar
FX:        [on the floor] Plop

So here is Cynical Pink's warning to all prospective readers out there: THIS BOOK MAY MAKE YOUR TEETH ACHE. It is a cute story - silly in some places, funny in others, but sweet all over. 

Those looking for a more serious read should take a peek at You and Tonight v1. The focus is on the two main characters and their internal development as well as their struggle as a couple. It is a quiet drama, not angsty or slashy. I guess you could call it a slice of life for yaoi businessmen.


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