Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DMG Titles: Kindle vs. Nook vs DMP App

Big thanks to Boys Love Bang Bang ( @BLBangBang), prettyism, @DefiantAndi from Defiant Endeavors, and azurelucy for contributing pictures of their devices!

First up, the Kindles! I was disappointed by how The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe appeared on my graphite Kindle (top left), but it looked much better on prettyism's Kindle (top right). I have no idea why since they appear to be similar models, but maybe I just need to fiddle with my settings.

a) My older Kindle
b) prettyism's Kindle

c) BLBB's Kindle Fire
d) iPad Kindle App

BLBB's Kindle Fire (bottom left) still has some white space, but the contrast looks pretty good. Considering the price of the Fire, this is a pretty sweet toy. Enjoy, hun! To round things out, I've also included the Kindle iPad App (bottom right). As mentioned in a previous post, there's lots of white space since the files were made for a different sized screen, but the quality is still good.

Without geeking out and getting consistent lighting and scale references and good cameras (I used an iPhone), it looks like the Kindle iPad app and the Fire are pretty comparable. You can zoom in on both, but both BLBB and I agree that there is an unfortunate amount of image compression, and the artifacts make reading small side text difficult. Also, you can't swipe to the next page when you're zoomed in. You have to hit the X to close the zoom window before moving on.

Also, Amazon has rejected an explicit BDSM DMG title, and it's unclear if more titles will be removed in the future. I'll update here as we find out more info.

Next up are the Nooks:

e) Andi's Nook
f) azurelucy's Nook Color (with a regular Nook edition)

g) Rae's Nook Color (with a Nook Color edition)
h) Nook iPad App

They look comparable to their respective Kindle counterparts, but due to circumstances beyond our (and DMG's) control, the Nook file format is higher quality than the Kindle file format. There's no noticeable compression or artifacts, and the files are still negligibly small on broadband (~15 MB).

There are two editions of each book: regular and color. The Color Edition is formatted to fit the dimensions of the larger screen, which is why Rae's DMG title fills the screen and lucy's still has some margin. For the record, BN has not rejected or pulled any DMP titles.

And then there's the DMP app available for iPad and Android tablets:

i) DMP's iPad App
j) DMP's Android App (Samsung Galaxy Tab)

...which is the best quality for the iPad, but books are $1 more than Amazon and BN (see this post). Apple has pulled DMP's more explicit titles from the DMP app in iTunes, but lucky Android owners still have the full library.

For the technologically savvy folks, here's a screenshot from a rooted Sony PRS-T1. The dimensions of the manga match the screen, so this is a good alternative to a Kindle Touch or Nook Touch.

k) azurelucy's Sony PRS-T1 running Aldiko

I'm always on the look out for more pictures of DMG titles on readers and to hear what your experience has been like with digital manga.


Thanks for the comparison. Oy vey! I don't wanna have to buy an iPad :D

I don't have a nook, but they look a little better on my kindle 3 (not sure if we have the same one or not).
Here it is zoomed in. It looks like there are white space margins around the pages? So cropping those out would help a lot.

Wow, your Kindle looks so much better than mine! From the keyboards, it looks like we might have the same model, so maybe I bumped a setting or something. Time to google it! Is it all right if I include your pic in the body of this post?

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