Saturday, November 12, 2011

Digital Manga Publishing App

DMP just released an Android and iTunes app for downloading and reading manga. I can only vouch for the iPad version, and the image quality is fantastic. The pages are formatted to fit the iPad perfectly, and they look good even when you zoom in.

The interface is intuitive and responsive (I've tried manga readers where you had to swipe hard and decisively to turn the page), and there was no lag when I was swiping through the pages quickly. Each book has a 10-page preview, though for many of them, the first 9 pages are all title, table of contents, credits, etc.

The only strange thing is that the DMG titles are $8.99 compared to $7.95 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I guess you get what you pay for, though, since it is a better iPad reading experience than the Nook or Kindle app (I mentioned in a previous post that the Nook and Kindle pages are sized for the e-readers and don't fill up the entire iPad screen). I'm still waiting to see if anything changes when the new Nook and Kindle tablets come up, but for now, this DMP app is the best option for reading DMG titles on an iPad.

EDIT: I figured out the reason the titles are more expensive using the iPad app. The books are in-app purchases and are charged to your Apple account, not to your eManga or other DMP account. Since Apple takes a cut, DMP priced everything higher accordingly. The books range in the 100 MB range, which explains why the quality is fantastic.

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