Friday, October 21, 2011

Kindle vs. Nook

I'm our biggest fan! I bought Tiptoe for both Kindle and Nook because I wanted to compare the two versions. I have an iPad, so my caveat is that I'm not able to compare the two platforms on their original devices.

Right off the bat I noticed that Nook's file size is much bigger than Kindle's. Tiptoe for Nook was 17.3 MB whereas Kindle was only 11.4 MB. As you might guess, this translates directly to quality. The Nook version had much fewer compression artifacts, and the gray tones were crisper and cleaner. Both versions had some white space around the edges because the pages are formatted to fit the aspect ratios and resolution on the actual Kindle or Nook and not an iPad screen. The Kindle version does have a pinch-to-zoom feature, but it only served to emphasize the compression. Nook has no zoom.

I don't know if Amazon limits the file size for Kindle books, but Attacked on a Tiger's Whim and Healing Music (also DMG titles) also had a larger files for Nook. With the upcoming Kindle Fire and rumored Nook tablet, interfaces and apps may change, but for now, if I had to choose, I would undoubtedly go with Nook for iPad. The extra 6 MB made a huge different in quality, and only took an extra few seconds to download.

EDIT 11/8/11: At the last DMG videoconference, the DMP staff confirmed that Amazon and B&N use different file formats with different levels of compression. Also, Amazon charges DMP for bandwith usage while B&N does not (though B&N still has a file size limit). 


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