Monday, October 17, 2011

The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe on eManga

It's out, it's out! Our first title is now available on eManga!

A new student enrolls in Kosuke’s sophomore class in high school. As a perfect foil to Kosuke’s short stature, Raku is tall, manly and popular with girls. Although Kosuke initially feels jealous, he soon learns of Raku’s secret and is asked to keep it a secret. Raku finds himself taking an interest in Kosuke and they begin to grow closer. This is a high school romantic comedy about an odd couple!


Congrats! I read it and found it too cute for words; for some reason that I can't explain I fell hard for this manga.

I'm so glad you liked Tiptoe ^_^ I know what you mean about falling hard - I was disappointed that it was only one volume because I really came to love the characters.

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