Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amazon Sales Rankings - Let's Do The Numbers!

As they say on Marketplace, "It's time to do the numbers!"

I'm a data geek. I love data. After noticing Amazon's sales rankings a couple weeks ago, I became curious about how those rankings change over time, so I made a script that checks the Amazon page for 21 DMG titles every three hours and then makes a graph of the ranks.

The top graph is the Kindle Manga rank from 0-100 (as high as the ranking goes).

The bottom graph is the Kindle Paid rank with an infinite number of ranks. I capped the graph at 200,000.

One thing I found interesting is that our DMG titles plummeted in Manga Rank the day after Christmas. I don't know if this is because a lot of non-DMG titles were suddenly available or if all the new Kindle owners preferred other manga titles which pushed us out.

I wish I had this script running on December 16 when I took screenshots of 15 DMG titles in the Manga Top 20. By December 19, when this started recording, most of the books had already dropped to the 20-60 range.

TO OTHER DMGers: If you would like to see this graph but with a legend showing which colors are your books, let me know here or send me a message on Twitter. I kept the titles anonymous on purpose, but if you give me permission I will identify them in the spaghetti mess above. I can probably post bi-monthly or monthly updates so you can track your Amazon sales.


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